Polyurethane (AU, EU)

The millable Polyurethane rubbers are distinguished two types; one is polyester urethane (AU), the other is polyether urethane (EU). AU type urethanes have outstanding oil, fuel and solvent resistance but can be attacked by hydrolysis, EU type urethanes are not attacked by hydrolysis and still offer a fuel and oil resistance comparable to low ACN ( 18~22% ACN) nitriles or HNBRs. Any types polyurethane all have excellent wear resistance, high tensile strength and high elasticity in comparison with any other elastomers.

The service temperature of PU is -40°C to 80°C, shortened lifetime up to 100°C.

60 to 93 Shore A are available.

Black, transparent, green, orange are available, or any assigned color from customers.

Polyurthane usually are applied in mechanical industry, especially in the place requires material must have higher wear resistance and higher strength. Some applying environment will happen moisture condensing on the surface of rubber seal, which will cause hydrolysis of AU, so choosing EU is better. But EU doesn’t resist well to oil, the lubricant must use higher aniline point oil.